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So what do I do now?

It’s a question that every new graduate asks themselves once their academic path nears a close (or even a break). This foreign question shakes even the most planning-oriented students and those who excel in time management. You’re graduating from not only your post-secondary education endeavors but also into a new phase of life—and that’s a daunting prospect even for those who know precisely what they’d like to do with the next chapter in their life.

Like any culture shock, the sensation you experience when the realization that school’s over forever, is disorienting and comes in stages. Any culture shock takes adjustment before it can be overcome. The best vehicles to help you reframe your outlook on where your life is headed are information, and invariably, time.

While we at may have enough omnipotence to create more time, we can certainly gather information and educate and illuminate, enabling those who have graduated recently feel more confident about their next steps.

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