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Specialized Skills: the Changing Face of Manufacturing Jobs

Automated Manufacturing

Why would a site focused on post-secondary alumni write an article on manufacturing, you might wonder. The reason lies within certain misconceptions most of use have. Picture a manufacturing facility, maybe one that produces auto parts or machinery. For most people, the image of a manufacturing plant is dirty, grimy, dangerous, and filled with waste. These factories are filled with unskilled laborers toiling away in greasy, oily uniforms. …

What It’s Like To Be A Teacher

what's it like to be a teacher?

Most of us think we know what being a teacher is like, granted that we were a student at some point in our lives. Hanging out with vibrant, young kids every day, an easy 8:00 am to 3:00 pm schedule, and summers off. Right? Those facts are, for the most part, all accurate. But the truth is, there are many concerning aspects of being a teacher that are often left …

Calling All Leaders, You Are Wanted!


As far as companies are concerned, leadership is a highly sought after quality. Not only is it needed in management levels but it is also needed in every level at a company. Leaders push their company forward and build employee morale in their company. It is up to the leaders to get their employees engaged in their work and motivated to work on and complete projects not just because it …

Who Runs The Office: A Story About Re-entering the Workforce

Who Runs the Office

Recent research has found that workplace stress is a (if not the) leading cause of employees quitting their jobs. Good leaders create environments that alleviate stress and good leaders can be found at any level within the organization.

I have had many titles: office Manager, facility coordinator, office administrator, even executive assistant, but secretly I’ve started to think of myself as having another title: the office mom. Sounds weird, …

Be a Leader: Women-Owned Businesses on the Rise


As a recent female graduate, there are certain things that you should be aware of and prepared for when entering the workforce and beginning your career path. Things such as…the glass ceiling. The glass ceiling is an invisible yet unbreakable barrier that stops women and minorities from rising up in the workforce, regardless of their qualifications. Although this concept is historically important, it is also hopeful that it will soon …

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