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A Bright Future Ahead for Pharmacists and Aspiring Pharmacists

Are you thinking of getting into the medical field? Or perhaps you’re already a pharmaceutical student or a recent grad. Either way, you’re in luck. Right now, every pharmacist looking for a job has an array of options, as the ratio of available pharmacists to pharmacies and research facilities looking to hire them is 0.4. Surprised? So are we. But the facts don’t lie. This past April, there were …

Unpaid and Unloved as an Intern


Internships have become a fixture in the world of work. Over the next 12 months countless swarms of eager students will apply for internships in various levels of government, corporate giants, or tiny mom and pop shops. They will get coffee, staple, file, sort, and sell in an attempt to burnish the skills necessary for climbing the career ladder.

Managers and new workers alike get value from an internship. It acts as …

Be a Leader: Women-Owned Businesses on the Rise


As a recent female graduate, there are certain things that you should be aware of and prepared for when entering the workforce and beginning your career path. Things such as…the glass ceiling. The glass ceiling is an invisible yet unbreakable barrier that stops women and minorities from rising up in the workforce, regardless of their qualifications. Although this concept is historically important, it is also hopeful that it will soon …

  • Posted: August 21, 2014
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The Curse of Connectivity


Ivan Pavlov famously showed that associating the sound of a bell with the smell of food could cause a dog to become hungry just by hearing the bell. He died in 1936, nearly 40 years before the invention of the cell phone, but had he lived to see its invention, he likely wouldn’t have had to use dogs to test his theories in classical conditioning. For generation Y (born between …

The Perks of Working Happy


Those tasked with giving motivational speeches almost inevitably include a variation of the phrase: “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” While this is an oversimplification, new research is beginning to outline how important enjoying what you do, and taking breaks while you do it, actually is.

Unsurprisingly, employees who enjoy their jobs are more productive, in better health, and more loyal than those who …

New Workers in a New Economy: Making Your Mark on the Workforce


It seems like every generation has a story about how much better things were, or harder working people were, or how much safer/more relaxing things were in the past. Many of these blanket statements are demonstratively false. Crime has steadily fallen over the past 20 years, people work more hours and are slightly more productive than in years past, and advancements in science, travel, and technology have opened …

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